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We Are StringyBall
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We Are StringyBall
We Make Exercising Easy

StringyBall stays tethered to your wrist or palm, allowing you to do creative exercises.

We're Comfortable
Adjustable Flexible Cord

StringyBall uses a flexible cord that is easily adjustable whether it's worn on the wrist or palm - The fit can be adjusted to suit individual comfort level.

We're Easy To Use
Easy To Maneuver

As some exercises require dexterity or repetitive action, that can lead to fatigue, StringyBall being attached to you makes it easier to maneuver.

We're Secure
Doesn’t Run Away from You

StringyBall solves the issue of an exercise stress ball falling or rolling away by tethering it to your palm or wrist to ensure that it securely stays with you.

We're Multifunctional
Available In 3 Densities

The stress balls are available in 3 densities – soft, medium and firm, which lets you use different balls depending on the pressure required.


Our Collection

Our unique Patent Pending squeeze balls are color coded and available in a set of 3 balls.

Yellow Ball - Soft

The yellow stress ball is a soft low-density ball which could be utilized for exercising individual fingers or by users with limited strength.

Green Ball - Medium

The green stress ball is a medium-density ball which can be used for squeeze and grip training or by users who want more resistance than the yellow soft ball.

Blue Ball - Firm

The blue stress ball is the hardest of the balls and is classified as firm. This ball is best suited for users requiring high resistance and for core training.

Comparing a conventional squeeze or stress ball to a StringyBall is like comparing a loaf of bread to sliced bread.

Though the squeeze ball has been around for decades, it has never been improved on to get the most out of it – till StringyBall, Squeeze Ball on a String.

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