In Stress Reduction

Stress-Related Issues - Do You Know How To Deal With Them

Stress is a silent killer and needs to be dealt with by better understanding it and routine behavior changes and therapy.

In Arthritis Pain Management

Why Is Arthritis Worse In Colder Weather

Arthritis is known to flare up in colder weather, but the reasons for this do not have to be due to the cold, and it can be managed using simple lifestyle changes.

In Improve Circulation

How To Improve Blood Circulation With Least Effort

Restricted blood circulation is caused by a variety of factors including lifestyle choices and requires simple changes in daily routine and stress-busting exercises to see results.

In Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How To Deal With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a severe problem which is treated with the use of stress balls that help with improving muscle strength and build resistance.

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Guide To Using Stress Balls For Physical Therapy

Physicals therapist find stress balls to be an easy to use and convenient therapy tool for patients with hand, wrist or finger rehabilitation requirement.

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8 Reasons Why Stress Ball Exercises Are Important For The Elderly

Stress Balls are a straightforward and easy exercise tool for older adults, who have limited energy or will to do exercises on a regular basis.

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How To Use A Stress Ball For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be treated using Stress Balls, which help improve blood flow and alleviate pain by doing low-impact exercises at work or home.

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7 Reasons To Use Stress Balls To Revitalize Your Body, Mind And Soul

Stress balls can be used in an unintrusive way, in the work environment or at home to reduce stress, enhance mood, increase productivity and induce relaxation.

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Video Gamers Tip - Use StringyBall To Maintain Focus And Avoid Injury

Playing video games for extended period leads to stress build-up and repetitive stress injury of fingers and wrist. Using StringyBall tethered to the wrist, video gamers can take breaks between the games to relax and exercise the wrist and fingers, using a stress ball, without disrupting the game flow and concentration.

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9 Strategies That Will Make Your Employees and the Workplace Healthy - Tips for Improving Profitability

Creating a healthy work environment using exercise and other motivating tools, helps increase positivity, productivity, and employee morale in the office.

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5 Effective Strategies for Multitasking and the 7 Stress Eliminating Exercises at Work

Multitasking takes shape in several forms and is a crucial part of your day. It is important to introduce stress releasing activities to help you multitask efficiently. Some of these include using stress balls, pacing, and doing push-ups.

In ADD, ADHD, Autism

4 Benefits of Stress Balls for Children - Does Your Child Need a Stress Ball?

Children who have autism or ADD/ADHD use Stress Balls as a way to keep calm and stay focused, as squeezing the stress ball sends sensory signals that occupy one part of the child’s brain, the anxious one, making them attentive.