Rehabilitation With Squeeze Ball

Rehabilitation With Squeeze Ball

StringyBall squeeze ball is perfect for hand strengthening exercises and hands rehabilitation. The convenience of tethering the ball to the wrist or palm makes it easy to use for patients.

Healthy functioning hands are essential and one of the necessary features that contributes to the independence of one’s life. Hands being a prehensile organ naturally adapted for grasping and holding, their importance is more highlighted during a disability or weakness hampering their function. Of course, we use our hands on a daily basis. So it's not unusual for many of us to fall prey to hand injuries. The results can be devastating to the affected individual as it can severely hinder the capacity to perform day to day functions. It may also affect their social life and family life leading to a number mental and physical problems later on. So if you suffer from pain, stiffness, and swelling making your daily tasks challenging, you should not linger, and it is best to consider rehabilitation before things get serious.

Who needs hand strengthening?

Hand strengthening can be helpful for 'anybody' who feels their grip power is inadequate.

  • Individuals with high physical demand like athletes, artists, stunt men, fitness enthusiasts, etc.
  • Weakness following stroke
  • Arthritis (Particularly at base of the thumb)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Following injuries/trauma
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
Not only the symptoms mentioned here, but anybody concerned about good hand health will be immensely benefitted.
What is StringyBall?

Simply put, StringyBall is a stress ball attached to a string. Its revolutionary patent pending design is what makes it interesting. It is available as three color-coded balls with three different densities giving three distinct strengths so that the user can use different balls corresponding to the pressure required. With simple daily exercises using StringyBall, you can improve hand strength, reduce stiffness, increase joint mobility and alleviate joint pain making it ideal for hand and forearm rehabilitation.

It's flexible and adjustable cord could be worn on the wrist or palm so that the patients can use it with ease and comfort, without having to worry about it falling or rolling away.